Alright, so I'm sure many of you are trying to figure out how exactly we go about compensating you for your content. I'll try to be brief and concise here, you know, "time is money" (or another article you could be writing on Small Teaser!). 

Earnings are automatically added to your user wallet. Your wallet gives you a breakdown of how much you have earned. There are two ways to check your earnings:

1. You can check your earnings on the Small Tease sidebar

2. You can also go ahead and get to your earnings screen by going to the drop-down menu at the top of your screen, and selecting "My Earnings". 

At this stage you should decide whether you want to be paid through PayPal or through an international bank transfer. Send the following information (using the chat button in the bottom right corner of our website) to our helpdesk so we can properly set up and process your future payments:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Full Address: Address, Zip Code, City, Country
  • Social Security Number or National Insurance Number
  • Your Small Teaser Username

For PayPal

  • Your Currency
  • Your Paypal Email Address or your URL

For Bank Transfers: 

  • Bank account number (IBAN)
  • Bank Identifier Code (BIC) or SWIFT, if your bank is not located in Belgium
  • Bank Name
  • Country where your bank is located
  • Currency (USD, EUR or GDP)

In case we have to process to a company please include the following info as well:

  • VAT number
  • Company name
  • Company Address

In case you don’t have a USD, EUR or GDP account, please go ahead and let us know. We’ll let you know what steps to take next to be able to receive payment!

Keep in mind: 

  1. In order for you get paid, there needs to be at least a minimum of $25 in your wallet.
  2. Small Teaser pays out users ONCE a month. 
  3. Transactions can take up to TWO weeks to process. Please keep in mind we're a really small team and sometimes (international bank transfer) are out of our control.
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