As a writer on the Small Teaser platform, YOU decide how much you would like to earn, ideally, for each of your articles. As you finish writing your article, you will be asked to set the commission slider anywhere between 0% and 60%. 

Naturally, it is absolutely normal to want to earn as much of the generated ad-revenue as possible. However, keep in mind that setting a lower percentage demand, could lead to your article being published in many more publications! 

You want to increase your readership, as those views and traffic to your article will lead to more $$ in your wallet! 

For example: 

1 article with a commission set a 50% could get published in 2 publications and be read by those publications' followers. 

That same article could, however, set its commission to 25% and get picked up by 10 publishers and get traffic from ALL ten of those publications ----> increased revenue for you, my friends!

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