Honestly, guys, it's really simple. 

Create content. Earn cash. Right away. There is no catch.
This isn't one of those "too good to be true" scams. You simply "write and earn". 

"How is this possible? How do you guys make money then?", I'm hearing you ask.

Don't worry, we get that a lot. Let me explain it to you guys.

Ad Server: Direct Sales - Greatest Earning Potential 

Firstly, all publications have a built-in ad server. This means that advertisers can choose to advertise directly on specific publications relevant to their business. This is by far the most lucrative way for our users to earn a solid income, as these campaigns yield the publishers 85% of the generated ad revenue. We only retain 15% of it. 

What does that mean to the average publishers out there? Well, they should really aim to contact relevant businesses/brands and run advert campaigns on their Small Teaser publications. These direct sales earn the publisher 85% of the generated earnings, which they can share with Small Teaser writers (aka bloggers) to make sure their publications keep receiving awesome content!

Ad Networks: Small Teaser Sales Team 

Secondly, the Small Teaser platform uses the best ad networks and 3rd party ad providers to fill out ad spaces throughout articles and publications with relevant and contextual advertisement. We make sure all ad spaces are filled by implementing the Small Teaser sales team to sell ads. Ad revenue generated by the ad networks nets our content creators 50%.

It comes down to this: You can earn a lot, while we'll earn a little.
Either way, you focus on what you love doing most: creating content!

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