After creating your publication earlier, you probably filled out some of the basic publication settings. But in case you decided to skip ahead at that point, you can always go revisit or re-configure your settings. This can be done either from:

1. The drop-down menu in the right hand corner of your screen. Click “Menu” item, select “Settings” and voila! Keep in mind that you need to be logged into your publication for the "Settings" icon to appear in your menu. 

Click on the the publication you want to change settings for (under "My Publications") and then select "Settings". 

2. You could also get to the the settings menu by clicking the “Settings” icon in your list of publications. Go to the menu, click "My Publications" and the icon will appear to the right of your publication name. 

The settings menu has five different tabs: Basic, Appearance, Content, Social, and About. 

Make sure to click “Save” for every change you make in the “Settings” tabs.


Publication Title:

Here you’ll be able to change your publication’s title. 

ATTENTION: changing your publication title will NOT change your publication’s domain URL.

Publication Description:

This is the description of your publication. It will be used when sharing your publication on social media.


Publication theme:

Here you get to choose a theme for your publication. We currently offer two themes, “Orca” and “Coral”. More themes are being developed, and we’ll share updates with the community as soon as they are nearing completion!

Publication Logo: 

Choose a logo for your publication. Set your publication apart and spend some time (or perhaps get one of your team members to help) designing a bad-ass, eye-catching logo for your publication! Start your branding right away!



Select and describe specific (sub)industry your publication focuses on. 

Private Status:

Checking this box will keep your newly created publication private and “hidden” until you’re 100% ready to share your legendary content with the interwebz! 

Allow Public Contributions:

If you want to receive and get relevant content suggested to you, written by other writers, make sure to check the “Allow Public Contributions” box. But hey, that choice is totally yours to make! 

Enable Commission Payments:

Check the “Enable Commission Payments” box to allow others to earn royalties for the content they have written (and you’ve published). It’s a win-win! Click here for more info on how exactly the Small Teaser commissions work.

Comments Configuration:

Want to engage with your readers and read interesting feedback on your article? Select the “Only Registered Users” option. Or do you worry your content is going to be a hotbed of trolls and other weirdos? Go ahead and click on “No Comments” then. 

Menu Items: 

So you want to add (or change) menu items to customize your publication? Not a problem. 

When you publish an article you will be able to choose which of these tabs your content will be published in. Here’s how to do:

  • 1. Give your menu item a name (e.g. “News”, “Sports”, “Foodies”, etc.)
  • 2. Designate the type of media it will contain: articles, photos, videos.
  • 3. Write a brief description of what the menu item will offer readers.

Again, make sure to always hit “Save” each time you add/change an item!

Automatic Categorization:

Check this box if you want to automatically publish everything in the “Latest” menu item.

Article/Image/Video Keywords:

These keywords help with categorizing articles and are useful for helping Small Teaser users search for your content. Choose keywords that are applicable to the general scope of your publication. 

You want to be found easily, so this could definitely come in handy!

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