After creating your publication, it’s time to customize the settings. Click “More Options” and start off by giving a description of your publication (between 20-300 characters) and choosing a layout theme. 

Next, you’ll be asked to select a specific industry your publication focuses on. Checking the “Private Status” box will keep your newly created publication private and “hidden” until you’re 100% ready to share your legendary content with the interwebz! 

If you want to receive and get relevant content suggested to you, written by other writers, make sure to check the “Allow Public Contributions” box. But hey, that choice is totally yours to make! 

Want to attract more top-notch content creators and writers for your publication? Thanks to our “Write and Earn” principle, it’s very easy for publishers to compensate a team of writers with a share of the publication’s ad-revenue. Check the “Enable Commission Payments” box to allow others to earn royalties for the content they have written (and you’ve published). It’s a win-win! Click here for more info on how exactly the Small Teaser commissions work.

Click "Continue" to proceed. You’ll now be taken to your publication!

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