So, how does it really work?

One of the core ideas behind the Small Teaser platform is that every publication has its own “Ad Server”. For the non-techy humans among us that basically means that every publisher has the ability to directly run an ad campaign on whichever publication they want. 

These ads are displayed strictly in that particular publication and yield the publisher a commission of 85% of the ad revenue. 

For those ad spaces throughout publications that go unfilled, we have our “Ad Network”, which automatically connects to publications and ensures that these empty spaces are filled with contextual, relevant advertisements. These ads will still generate the publisher a solid commission of 50% of the ad revenue.

Ad Server ≠ Ad Network   

Where are they displayed exactly?

  • Within the article content itself. These ad spaces can be added by the author of the article within the editor. Click here to find out how to add in-article ad spaces.
  • Outside of the article content. The ads will appear in your publication’s article feed and sidebar! The layout (size, placement, etc.) can be modified to your liking. Click here to learn how to change your layout. 

Notice how Skydivemag only has advertisements that are relevant for and to that particular demographic. There is no need to worry that your hypothetical publication on, say, Marvel Comics, will feature ads on dog food. We've got you covered! Just try it out.

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