The Embed Toolbar

Our nifty embed toolbar can be accessed from the article editor by pressing “Enter” on your keyboard. On the left side of your screen you will now see the embed toolbar appear. (The "+" icon on the left-hand side)

Clicking on the “+” sign
will give you the option to add images, videos, separators, social share icons and ad spaces. 

Adding Images

Clicking the "Image" icon will let you pick how you want to insert your picture(s) into your current article. For more details, check out the separate article on how to add images to your content right here

Inserting Videos

Say you want to add a videoclip of an interview, NBA highlights, a music video - or whatever floats your boat - to your article; First thing to do is head over to YouTube or Vimeo and find the video you’re trying to add and copy the URL.

To insert your YouTube or Vimeo clip into a post, click on the “+” sign in the editor and select the video icon. Select the YouTube or Vimeo icon, paste the video URL into the empty box, and VOILA! 

Your favorite (cat)video is now beautifully embedded into your article!

 Adding (in-article) Ad Spaces

By default, we display relevant ads outside of your article’s content, but let’s assume you want to generate additional ad income. Here’s how you do it: 

In the article editor, click on the “+” sign and select “AD”. Choose the alignment (left, full width or right) and click “finish”. Good to go!

To read more about our royalty-based revenue and how to generate ad income yourself, click here. 

Add Separators 

It’s usually a good idea to break your long-form blogs, stories, and articles into clean, smaller “bite-sized” sections. It makes your (surely epic) content more digestible and will increase your chances of attracting more readers. 

Press “Enter” where you want the separator inserted. This will make the “+” sign show up in the left margin. Now click the “+” sign for the embed toolbar to appear, and select the “---” icon to add a separator to your article.  

The Text Toolbar

Our editor wouldn’t be as badass as it is without the ability to format text, obviously. Using italics, headers, bulleted lists, blockquotes, hyperlinks, etc. is an excellent way to give your content a certain level of sexiness! (Yes, content can definitely be sexy, and you know it..)

Within the article editor, just select whatever text segments you’d like to format and get to formatting!

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