Ready to Rock ‘n Roll? Once you've come to a point where you feel comfortable sharing your post with the world you can go ahead and press the “Publish” button on the bottom right (or top-right) to complete the final step. If you choose to publish, your article will appear in your personal feed right away. 

The article, if you opt to “allow my article to be published in other publications”, will then be suggested to other/existing publications within the Small Teaser community, based on the article's content and your tags. Publishers will then be able to pick up your article, and finalize the publishing workflow. (Click here to learn about the publishing workflow)

Want to complete your article later? No problemo. Just click the “Save Draft” button on the bottom of the editor, and your article will be saved to your personal account. Go to “My Articles” and you’ll see your draft appear under the “Draft” tab. 

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