You’ve set up your Small Teaser account and you’re ready to start creating content? Awesome. You’re literally only a few clicks away from sharing your very first blog post!

From your personal feed (and from most other publications as well) you’ve got two options to start posting: 

  • Click the "Write" button in the header at the top of your screen.
  • Or click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of your screen and select “Write Story”.

The Editor

Whenever you decide to start an article, you will be taking to the article creation screen. 

But what is it that makes creating articles so ridiculously easy on the Small Teaser platform? Without a doubt, it’s our article editor. The editor is where you compose, edit and structure content whatever way you like!

There is no need to click on a “preview” screen, as what you see in the editor is literally what you will see in the published version of your article.

First thing you'll see is a blank screen with simply two messages: "Enter Your Title" and "Share Your Experience". At the bottom right you'll find the "Save Draft" and "Publish" buttons. 

Simply choose an inviting and intriguing title and start creating your article right away! It's really that simple, guys. 

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