If you are a publisher there are three different ways to get content into your publication.

1. You can write your article yourself. 

Or perhaps one of your publication's moderators or admins has written an article that either one of you guys can then publish directly into the publication. Click here to find out how to write an article!

2. Publish pending or suggested articles from your "Articles" screen in your publication.

The "pending" articles are sent to your publication from like-minded writers that want to contribute to your community. The "suggested" content is pushed to your publication by Small Teaser, and is based on the writer's tags selection. 

To get to the "Articles" screen, click on the menu icon and go to your publication's "Articles". You'll see both the "pending" and  the "suggested" tabs. Select the article you would like to publish by clicking the "Publish" icon to the right-hand side. You're almost done.

3. Using the "Share And Earn" button at the bottom of articles. 

Clicking the Share And Earn icon will let you publish any article into your own publication. Why publish someone else's article into your publication? Well, as a publisher you want to attract as many readers as possible, right? Why not share another, equally-passionate person's article, and reap the benefits of shared ad-revenue together!?

You'll find the "Share And Earn" icon at the very bottom of every article:

The Publishing Workflow

Either one of these options will require you to go through the "Publishing Workflow" in order to get your selected article into your publication. Click the following link to learn about the Publishing Workflow.

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