Earlier, we went over the details of how to use our article editor. Click here if you want to read up on the ins and outs of composing articles on the Small Teaser platform.

Our writers can simply click “Write”; once they’re done creating they will press “Publish”, add some basic info and their article will appear in their personal feed immediately. Here are the steps to publish your article:

  1. In the article editor, compose your article. (Click here for more info on how to use the editor) 

2. Hit “Publish" (in the bottom-right corner)

3. Fill out the “Teaser Text”. This is the text readers will see appear when you share your article on social media and in Google search results; try to be concise, yet intriguing!

4. Give your article some relevant “Tags”. (These tags will help push your content to other relevant Small Teaser publishers, help your SEO, and enable readers to find your article)

5. Select the image ("Social Media Teaser Image") you want to be displayed when shared to social media channels.

6. Enter the author’s name to make sure they receive credit.

7. Indicate whether you want your article to be suggested to or published in other publications. This is done by checking the “allow my article to be published in other publications” box. Remember, the more your article gets published, the bigger your audience, and in turn, the bigger your potential earnings.

8. The “Minimum Author Commission” slider is the % this author will receive from the total ad-revenue that particular article makes. Keep in mind that the higher you set your minimum, the less likely it is other publishers will pick up (and publish) your article. Read more about the commission and ad-revenue here.

9. Enter a “series” name for your article if you want to create a set/group of articles that are connected to one another. If created before, you can also search for the series in the same text bar. If someone liked one of your particular articles, creating series is a good way to get that reader to read similar articles of yours.

10. Click “Publish” whenever you’re ready to complete your article creation. 

This will take you article confirmation screen. You can always go back to change up your article by pressing the “Back To Article” button. 

On your confirmation screen you will have the option to:

  1. “View Article”: Check out what your article looks like.
  2. "Share Article" (to social media): Create buzz and go viral by sharing to social media!
  3. "View All Published Articles": Check the list of all your published articles. 
  4. "Write Another Article": Start a new post.
  5. "Back": This will take you back to step 3 through 10. 

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