The publish workflow is the final step before you broadcast creative genius (or silly cat pictures; we don’t judge!) to the Small Teaser community, and the rest of the world as well.

In one of our other sections, we already went over how to add content to publications. In case you missed that, check out the link right here:

If you're still unsure how exactly creating articles on our platform works, go ahead and read through the step-by-step walkthrough.

Following those steps will automatically lead to you the publishing workflow.

In this particular example we'll assume someone's sent in an article to one of the Publications I manage, "The Daily Dog". 

Go to your menu in the top header, and under your publication you'll see a "1" next to your "Articles" button. Click on "Articles", and in your "Pending" articles you should see the article the contributing writer just sent to your publication. 

Go ahead and read through the article, edit if you need to, and whenever you're satisfied with the article, click "Publish".


First, you will select your teasers. Teasers are used to intrigue and draw in readers by sparking their interest. They should make your audience want to know more, simply based on your picture and short description text. 

Select the date you want your article to go live. There is also an option to keep that particular article at the top of your article feed, the so-called “Sticky” option. 

Scrolling down you’ll see checkboxes (small teaser, big teaser, newsletter, etc..) with previews of images that will be used for the respective teasers that you choose to select. 

By clicking “Change Image” you can opt to change the teaser images, as long as they were uploaded into the article editor in the first step of your article creation. It will also allow you to crop your pictures. 

Also, make sure to select which “Menu Item” this particular article needs to be categorized under. 

On the bottom-left you’ll see the “Add More Teasers” button. Clicking it will give you two more teaser options i.e. “Article Gallery” and “Top Story”. Make sure and feel free to play around with your teaser options. You can always go back and re-arrange your articles later on. 

After making your selections and organizing your teasers, go ahead and click the “Publish” button on the bottom-right of your screen.


Once you press "Publish" you will automatically be taken to the “Share” screen next, where you will (similar to the previous teaser screen) select your social media image.

Make sure your Facebook Page is linked on the bottom and enter a short, yet interesting Teaser text to draw your readers’ attention. 

You want your Social Media teaser/image to be rock-solid, because it offers you the best chance of building up your audience, and thus generating more ad-revenue. 

Again, click “Publish” on the bottom-right to complete the publication of your article! You will end up in your publication’s “Articles” screen. If you pay attention, you’ll see that your article has moved from the “Pending” tab to “Published”. 

Mission accomplished! You have successfully published your first article in a Small Teaser publication.

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