We often receive questions from our writers and bloggers indicating they've finished creating their article, and have pushed it to relevant circles on our platform. 

Obviously, as a content creator, you want your story viewed by as many readers as possible. 

If your story mostly concerns fashionistas, you can target them by sending your piece to the Fashion Circle. Got an outspoken opinion on Lebron James, or the Fifa World Cup? Make sure to push your story to the Sports Circle. 

However, there are a few things that might help your cause in getting the circle editor to select your story for publication:

  1. Social Promotion. The more you've promoted your story on social media channels, the more likely it is that it will make its way to the circle homepage. But keep in mind that just because a piece has a ton of social media shares and likes, doesn't guarantee it will be picked up by the circle editor.

   2.  Writing Quality and Originality: 

  • Compelling stories of high quality (use spell-check, sharp images, etc..)
  • Disruptive ideas from an array of (if not, all) genres
  • Undiscovered or yet to be discovered voices with unique viewpoints
  • Innovative or experimental storytelling
  • Stories with original news value

Again, having a bunch of social media engagement AND being positively sure that your story is "high quality" and original, does NOT automatically get you published in your selected circle.

If you still have questions in regards to your story's status, try reaching out to the circle editor on the circle's social media channels or shoot him/her an email! 

Happy blogging! 

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